Fock Hat

If you’re not yet a holder of The Alien Boy NFT collection, then FOCKING fix that and buy one now at The Alien Boy and thank us later.

For those holders, you know how awesome this FOCK hat is. And we at dWebASAP are holders and lovers of Georgie Boy, Caos Boy, the entire time, and the community. So our dumbasses spent a few months custom making this FOCK cap in real life.

Yes, we have nothing better to do than to FOCK around and make a FOCK cap in real life.

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So about that:


It is a Korean design flip-up technology lid.

It is assembled in China and overseen by amazing QC and eCommerce people in our network.

It is shipped direct to you, to your FOCKING nice house (be grateful), worldwide. Just be patient, FOCK.

It can take up to two weeks to arrive with tracking.


Thanks, Caos Boy for the suggestions on placing the Alien Boy Logo on the back and side.

We kept this hat on the DL, so it is plain for the normal person, but if you want to flip it up and show them FOCK – you can use that flip-up lid feature.

Design Process

Since we thought in March 2022, “Fock! Light bulb moment, it would be a nice idea to focking make a Fock cap for those fockers at the Alien Boy” – it has been a bit of a journey.

Here are some of the design and QC and product development stages:

The warehouse is taking some high res ones hopefully we will have it soon.

Fock Hat – Red

Fock Hat – Blue

People are getting their FOCK hats!





You just reminded me to share these gems from

Excellent quality, and $HNS represented on the inner seams. Love it!

CustomHats/ (if not using #Handshake resolver)


☕️ Gm legends, say it back!

🧹 I’m bullish on probably nothing but who’s active right now & what floor are we sweeping?

⬇️ Only real ones can comment! I want to see something…

🚨 Episode 4: #FockItFriday w/ Dad Moves!

🎥 This week
stealth dropped some radical utility in the form of subdomains for holders!

➡️ Community Hits:
’s irl $fock hats are NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon + an
video game collab?!

My bedside table

My bedside table

🚨 Introducing #FockItFriday with Dad Moves!

🎥 Episode 1: Claiming $fock,
Marketplace (health packs, eye drops, etc),
’s scary Halloween movie, & exactly how many focks does
have to give?


is the shizznit!
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As soon as it’s on Amazon I’m getting more. I know I’ll wear this hat out to the point of sun fade. ❤️🔥❤️ love this, love you guys👽❤️