Journey to dWebASAP’s Cafe

Chaos in the Real World

Escape to a beach,
grab your bitcoin bag

Name: Stargazers #2871
Collection: Stargazers – First Federation

Join Your Degen Frens
Cloud biking

Name: Cloud Cycling #885
Collection: The Lab Run01

As biking, strike of lightning
A spark

Name: Lightning strike #248
Collection: The Lab Run04

Creates rainbow in the heavens

Name: Waterfall in Sky #224
Collection: The Lab Run04

Passing through rainbow waterfall
You see a gate guarded by a Baron

Name: Baron Support 2505 (#300)
Collection: Cyber Citizens

Baron allows certified dwebAsap members in
See a busy cafe as your lobby entrance

Name: Cafe in Paris #369
Collection: The Lab Run04

On the right the kids (or kids at heart)
Can play in a 3 ring circus

Name: 3 Ring Circus #733
Collection: The Lab Run02

On the left of Paris cafe is a movie room
Auditorium style with plus sofas for all

Name: The Blue Bayou #1142
Collection: The Lab Run04

Those needing to release after escaping reality
Can enter the drunken dragon straight past the Paris cafe

Name: Drunken Dragon #179
Collection: The Lab Run04

Others who want silence and inspiration
Enter the deep thinking room on the left

Name: I mean brilliant #852
Collection: The Lab Run03

Donkey games and LED lights
This room is for having fun but also inspiring creativity

Name: Donkey got a gun #186
Collection: The Lab Run04

Meet with others in this unique cafe by booking conference rooms in the back.
All different sizes, and be a big business person.

Name: Manco Capac #869
Collection: The Lab Run03

Stash your cash, your bitcoin, and other crypto.
Or exchange with others in this cashier room called Silver and Gold.

Name: Silver & Gold #732
Collection: The Lab Run02

Get those LA vibes walking along a beach.

Name: LA vibes #1087
Collection: The Lab Run02

Enjoy an evening walk – any time of day.

Name: Landscape #1139
Collection: The Lab Run03

To wrap up the tour, you can enter an endless maze
Tap into the center of your mind.

Name: Endless #1183
Collection: The Lab Run02